As features are added to the site and it becomes more involved to use, a help section will be developed both to help new users become familiar with Forty Life and as a reference for the veteren users.

The collection and deck editor description fields will accept Markdown syntax input for rendering on their respective view pages. These are the Markdown specification Forty Life uses. In addition to everything found in the specification, you can surround text with ~~ in order to acheive the strikethrough effect. As a side effect for having a Markdown enabled description field, HTML can also be used. However, script and style tags are prohibited. Use raw HTML at your own risk - it can break your view page!

Use the format 0x CardName (SETCODE) *F* *CMDR* to list cards. Use one line per card. Not using a count will make the engine assume the count is 1. Not using (SETCODE) will make the engine assume the latest set. Using *F* will let the engine know the card is foil. Using *CMDR* will indicate that the card is a Commander. To list double-sided cards, use the name scheme Front-side Name // Back-side Name. The space between the names of the card and the double slashes is important!

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